Living Room Paneling and Crown Molding

Marshfield Handyman Living Room Renovation

The following are some pictures of a living room make over project completed by the Marshfield Handyman last winter.

This project in a beautiful antique home in Scituate ma, involved working around and with the character and charm of a 150 year old home. That is a nice way of saying that the floors, walls, doors and ceilings were all uneven to various degrees, and this did present a challenge which we were eager to deal with.

french style mantle scituate maThe project included:

  • Removing an old brick fireplace and chimney from basement through roof.
  • Installing a french style mantle with gas sea log fireplace.
  • Installing decorative paneling with intricate molding.
  • Installing crown molding around ceiling.
  • High Victorian style baseboard.
  • Canopy style door and window trim and headers.
  • LED low energy recessed lighting.

Overall the project took approx 2 weeks for the Marshfield Handyman to complete.

Disruption to the normal lifestyle of the homeowner and her family were kept to the absolute minimum by ensuring that all work areas were taped off to limit dust and all floors used by workmen were totally covered.

finish carpentry scituate maThe Marshfield Handyman company specializes in medium sized home improvements like this living room makeover in Scituate Mass.

Typical projects include:

  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Basement renovation
  • Room makeovers
  • Closet makeovers

The Marshfield Handyman company also undertakes simple handyman tasks regardless of size or time, we are as anxious to please our customers for a 1 hour job as we are for a 2 week job.

living room make over scituate maIf you are interested in a reasonable quotation for a job around your home or business please feel free to call Chris @ 617 447 6213 or better email @

We guarantee that you will be pleased with our work and our affordable prices.

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